Shack Sauce

The truth is my wife Leslie had been pushing me for years to put something in jars to sell at The Shack. I always seemed to fight it, but finally broke down when my staff and some guests started asking me for the recipe for our Sorghum Yellow Mustard BBQ and Sorghum Hot Sauces. As I’m a big lover of all things sorghum and don’t feel that sorghum has gotten it’s dues in recent history, figured that this was a good opportunity to bend to my wife’s pressures!“

Using sorghum from Muddy Pond in Monterey TN and southern chili mash Ian developed two unique sauces that have garnered national attention in publications such as Bloomberg News & Taste of the South Magazine. Currently sold in 50+ regional accounts across Virginia and North Carolina and shipped to all 50 states including Alaska. International distribution is in the works.